Get HMO, Insurance and other employee benefits - all in just one membership.

ALLCARE offers an affordable and hassle-free way for freelancers and small enterprises to get the benefits they need.

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Why Choose AllCare?

  • All in One Care

    ALLCARE provides all the basic benefits needed for every worker including HMO, Life and accident insurance, training and development, transportation, internet and more

  • Affordability

    The ALLCARE membership is the cheapest, full-set benefits package in the country.

  • A Group that gets you and cares for you

    We know that hustle and we get the struggle and that’s why ALLCARE designed the product and process with the freelancer in mind.

Get all the benefits at ₱15,000.00 per year.

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Have benefits to offer?

If your product or service is something that workers need to have, then let us know and let’s work together on providing this benefit to our members.