5 Home-Based Businesses You Can Start Today


Working from home sounds like everyone’s dream as compared to going through the traffic, weather, and crowded streets of the city. A lot of people however don’t realize that like all legitimate businesses, it requires hard work, dedication, and most of all- a good idea. But anyone who works in a home-based business will tell you the same thing: it’s worth it. No annoying co-worker to interrupt your day with company gossip. No office politics or exhausting mandatory meetings. You have your own freedom to do what you want, and the work brings value to your life even more than what money can offer.

Now you must be wondering “I’m in! But…where to start?” We’re here to help you. Here, we break down the top 5 ideas you can start today + special Pro Tips we learned from people in these fields of work to help you move forward and get started!

  1. Transcribing

The work of transcribing audio is easy but time-consuming. That’s why there are people or even companies that pay to have this done. All you need is a laptop, headphones, and basic knowledge in English.

Pro Tip: Take English exams online and show your score on your online profile/resume to entice people to hire you. It shows credibility and proficiency in doing the job.

2. Freelance Writing

One of the basic skills we’re taught while growing up is writing. And recently, with blogs getting more and more attention, big corporations would rather hire freelance writers to create topics and content for their website. This helps the company improve in their SEO ranking and generate more organic leads compared to hard sales.

Pro Tip: Learn about SEO too, and this will give you an advantage over what kind of articles to write.

3. Sell Products Online

Got a special recipe for a drink or spread? How about a talent in anything creative like painting, necklace-making, or crocheting? Selling your stuff online is as easy as a click and a tap. Websites like Shopify and Wordpress make it hassle-free for almost anyone to start selling their stuff. You could also try Facebook Marketplace or Carousell too!

Pro Tip: Partner up with a courier to get cheaper rates. This way, you can even market free shipping to your customers and cover the costs of shipping with the price.

4. Photography/Graphic Design

Got any creativity in your bones? You could sell your work by getting clients through freelance websites like Upwork or Hubstaff. You could even reach clients overseas that pay more generously than local companies.

Pro Tip: Share your work on social media. Use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook to gain a following and clients will flock to you and your work.

5. Virtual Assistant

One of the most popular online jobs in the Philippines is a Virtual Assistant (VA). They have come a long way from being just secretaries or personal assistants. If you’re organized, have credible phone handling skills, can speak and write in straight English, adept to social media, and can work flexible hours- this is the job for you. It normally doesn’t require any prior experience to get started and is highly profitable since this job is high in demand and pays well too.

Pro Tip: If your previous experience is in the corporate world, use that to your advantage by highlighting skills you’ve learned that allow you to go beyond your role as a VA. Got any social media or marketing experience? Sell that to your future employers and they will be hunting you down.

Becoming a freelancer has its hardships but also has its rewards. And for most, the rewards of freedom and value outweigh the cost of the hard work involved in taking your home-business to new heights. Bet on yourself and create a business surrounding your own skills that meet people’s needs and you will find yourself more fulfilled than any high-paying office job around. Guaranteed.

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